Changing unwanted behavior has never been so easy.  Many parenting books and workshops give concepts or ideas for the family but lack specific tools for each situation with every child. In Training Horses, author Deahdra-Lynn Atencio clearly and quickly gives parents and children that practical tool needed to apply the positive principles each family believes in.  Training Horses teaches you to find your children’s gifts, train them and watch your children develop the gifts that God has blessed them with.

Along with training behavior, Training Horses is perfect for teaching specific character values.  Watch your child’s understanding and ability to practice positive character traits greatly improve as they train Joy horse, Peacemaker horse or Honest horse for example.  Children will enjoy pointing out how they and even their siblings are being more helpful, positive or any value you are teaching.  Take a look, learn more, plan a workshop and get started training horses, you’ll be glad you did!


An easy, practical, positive and most importantly Godly approach to changing negative behavior.  Your children will want to improve.

Unwrapping gifts is a lot of fun.  Most kids look forward to Christmas or birthdays.  Unwrapping your gifts from God can be even more fun!

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